Frequently Asked Questions


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Where can I sell my T-shirt designs that i submitted to tshirtgang?

Once you have submitted your design to Tshirtgang you can offer it for sale on any marketplace you choose.

Tshirtgang is fully integrated with:
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Members also use:
[ul][li]local sales (family, friends etc) [/li][li]kijiji[/li][li]Craigslist[/li][li]blogs/social sites[/li][li]ioffer[/li][li]ecrater[/li][/ul]
Just to name a few.

Tshirtgang has made opening a real T-shirt business easier than ever and we are constantly developing new features and tools to help our members business' grow.

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What are the benefits with me inviting my friends to join tshirtgang.

Once You see how easy tshirtgang has made it to start and grow your own t-shirt business we are sure you will spread the word. If someone signs up to from your "invite member" link they will automatically become part of your gang and you will earn 5% royalty off all of their sales.

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Can I check the status of my orders?

Yes you can. By logging into your Tshirtgang account, you can track when your item has been printed and shipped out to your customer.

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Is there an ethics guideline that you enforce from not letting me design certain T-shirts?

We will not print designs that are deemed inappropriate such as: explicit graphic nudity, child nudity, hate material against any creed or race.

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How do I Invite members into My Gang?

Tshirtgang users can invite their friends and family to Tshirtgang using the "Invite Member" button located on your [url=/cp]Dashboard[/url]

Users just need a valid email address to start sending invites out. Once a user invites their friends, they'll be sent an invitation email from Tshirtgang with a registration code and link. Once new users register using the provided link they will be part of your gang.

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What's My Gang & Invite Members button?

My Gang is made up of other members you invited through the [url=/cp/mygang]Invite Members[/url] button located on your dashboard.

Once your invite activates their account through the registration link that you sent them they will become part of your gang . You can view all your members and their progress under the [url=/cp/mygang]My Gang[/url]tab and you will now earn a 5% of royalty from all their sales. (minus s/h)

Start your gang today and watch your royalties grow!

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How do I redeem my commissions that I earned from My Gang?

You can instantly redeem your commissions by applying it as a tshirtgang credit. The credit will then appear in your tshirtgang shopping cart which can be used towards your future orders.

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I've forgotten my password, help! keeps security as our top priority. We provide the necessary tools to login, reset your password and recover your username when needed. encrypts all login passwords. We do not provide passwords or password resets through email or telephone support.

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How do I delete or deactivate my Tshirtgang account

Tshirtgang does not currently allow users to deactivate or delete their account. Tshirtgang doesn't collect any personal information or display any personal information to search engines or the public. To log out, click on account settings and click logout.

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What is your daily print capacity?

Our current daily capacity is approximately 3500 prints. This allows us to print and ship out all our orders within 24 business hours.

Tshirtgang Shirts

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What sizes of T-shirts do you offer?

Tshirtgang currently offers 12 different sizes of t-shirts:
Youth: XSmall, Small and Medium.
Adult: Small to 6 Extra Large.

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What are the specifications of the T-shirts you offer?

View all of our [url=/cp/pricing/specs]size specifications here[/url]

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What brand of shirts do you use? currently uses AlStyle and Gildan brand of t-shirts for our order fulfillment. We use styles AlStyle 1301, 1302, 1309, 1901, 3381, 5301, Gilden 5000L, Fruit of the Loom, and others. For more information about the brand, see their website at and

Video Tutorials

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How to upload a product to Tshirtgang

In this brief video, we will demonstrate how easy it is to upload a new product using!

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How to invite a gang member

Invite your friends and family to Tshirtgang and start earning commission off each of their sales

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How to create an order and fulfill it with Tshirtgang

See how easy it is to create an order, using an already created product and fulfill through